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Time to Get Basted!

Hello Starving Students!
Lets be real, us college students don’t have much money.  More often than not we find ourselves whether to buy food to make dinner or to spend that money on a case of beer for the weekend or a movie ticket. It seems like this is the same dilemma that has been plaguing college students for centuries. 
Here at Lets Get Basted we are determined to solve this age-old problem with cheap and easy recipes that won’t put a massive hole on your time or wallet.
The Lets Get Basted team hopes to provide an alternative to the typical college “fast food and Ramen diet.”  All of us here at Lets Get Basted have passion for creating fresh new food ideas and saving money while doing it!
Feel free to follow us here at Lets Get Basted, meet our team members and join us on our journey in preparing delicious, cheap and easy meals.  Follow us and you won’t have to ask yourself that challenging question for the ages: Food or Beer?
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See you in the Kitchen,
Lets Get Basted 


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