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Sloppy seconds: Fried rice

Hello fellow foodies. This week is all about sloppy seconds, meaning we will be finding ways to reuse the leftovers we so often have in our refrigerators. I’m going to be showing you all a recipe that is the perfect way to clean out your fridge, especially any veggies you have lying around that may be getting ready to go bad. This weekend I ordered Chinese food, which as it usually does, came with a side of rice. After eating the delicious Lo Mein, I never got to the rice, so I figured this was the perfect base for my sloppy seconds recipe: fried rice. Things you will need:

  • Olive oil (2 tsp)
  • Rice (about 2 cups already cooked)
  • Any kind of leftover meat you have (I’m using chicken)
  • Assorted vegetables (I’m using celery, broccoli, snap peas and onion)
  • 1 egg
  • Soy sauce (2 tbsp) or teriyaki sauce (⅛ cup)

Let me reiterate, the idea of this is to clean out your fridge.  If you don’t have any chicken, but you have left over beef or pork, use that. Or if you don’t have any meat, just use the veggies and egg. I used celery, broccoli, snap peas and onion because I had it lying around. You could also add baby corn, water chestnuts, assorted peppers, carrots or anything else you fancy (use your culinary creativity or let your fridge do the talking).

The first thing you are going to do is heat a medium skillet over medium heat (4-6). Put a little olive oil in the bottom of the pan and when it gets hot, add any vegetables that haven’t been previously cooked. Sauté them until they are tender, about 2-3 minutes. Then add any already cooked vegetables, the rice and the meat (cut into small pieces) to heat them through. In order to steam the rice, put a little water (2 tbsp) in the bottom of the pan and cover it for 1 minute. Keep adding a tablespoon of water at a time and covering for a minute until the rice is no longer hard. Once that is heated and the rice is steamed, add one egg in the center and combine it throughout the rice mixture until it is cooked (aka not runny). Add in the soy sauce and let it all simmer for about 1 minute. You are then ready to eat. Now you have a delicious meal and a clean fridge; that’s what I call a two for one deal. Enjoy your sloppy seconds!

Lets get basted tip: when you buy meats, look for the packaged meats that are on sale. They go on sale because they are a day or two older that the freshly packaged ones, but they usually have good deals and if you use them quickly or freeze them, they are perfectly safe and delicious. Specifically for chicken, tenders (which I used for this recipes) are similar to breasts but cheaper, so be sure to compare prices before buying.

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