Budgeting each bite

Sloppy Seconds: Marinated Chicken Sandwich

Hey guys!

Spinach leaves (or lettuce)
your favorite type of cheese
left over chicken
salt and pepper
carrots and celery

Last night I made a delicious chicken pasta and purposefully make two servings of chicken.  This afternoon as I prepared lunch I put two piece of bread into our toaster oven with the left over chicken chunks of one slice and swiss cheeses on the other I toasted it for about 3 minutes.  I then spread a bit of mayo a touch of salt and pepper and put cleaned spinach leaves on top.  On the side I have carrots and celery.

Lets Get Basted Tip: When you choose to defrost, marinate and cook chicken try to make more than one serving at once.  This will make the following few meals extremely easy and cut down on preparation time!

Enjoy these sloppy seconds!

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