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Sloppy Seconds: Tacos

Happy Friday everyone,

For our final sloppy seconds recipe of the week, I decided to use a leftover hamburger.  When you are making hamburgers or browning ground beef for another meal, always make extra because the possibilities are basically endless with a leftover hunk of beef. For today’s recipe, I created tacos using a leftover hamburger. One hamburger is just enough meat to make about 2-3 tacos, the perfect individual serving, so there is no waste.

You will need:

1 hamburger

1 package taco seasoning (you will only use ¼ of the package)

2-3 tortillas or taco shells

Assorted toppings (lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, sour cream, salsa, etc.)

First you break up the hamburger so it resembles ground beef. You then start the direction on the back of the taco seasoning package from “drain the meat.” It will tell you to add some water (add about ¼ of what they recommend) and then ¼ of the taco seasoning and let simmer. Now you have taco meat. You can warm your tortillas or taco shells if so desired and add your desired toppings. I like to keep it simple with some cheese and salsa, mainly because it was all I had in my fridge. I also used some plain Greek yogurt in the place of sour cream. My roommates think this is the weirdest thing, but it really does taste almost exactly the same, is packed with protein and is healthier than sour cream. Just try it once and see what you think! Once you have topped your tacos, you are ready to eat.


Remember, this is just one idea for using leftover hamburgers. The same hamburger can be used to make meaty pasta sauce, sloppy joes (a great idea for sloppy seconds), a quesadilla, a breakfast burrito, etc. Enjoy your weekend foodies and use your time off to try making something new!


Sloppy Seconds: Cherry Tomato Pasta

Hey everyone!

Here is an easy and quick recipe to wrap up our sloppy seconds week.  This is a great use of ingredients that you can use to clean out your fridge and cabinets.

Things you need:

Box of spaghetti

Tomatoe paste (3 tablespoons)

Cherry tomatoes (2 pints)

Basil (1 cup)

Garlic (5-10 cloves chopped)

Olive Oil (1 tablespoon)

Here is how you make this great meal with a few easy steps:

1- Heat the oil and add garlic for 5 minutes into a pan.

2- Stir pasta with tomatoe paste.

3- Add in the cherry tomatoes and saute for 3 minutes.

4- Stir in the basil.

Finally, enjoy your delicious pasta dish that you can use with leftover tomatoes and the cans of tomatoe paste you have been saving in your cabinet for something to do with them. You can also make more to create more leftovers for you for lunch the next day.

I hope you liked this easy meal for dinner.



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