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Brain Food: Trail Mix

Need brain food, on the go and fast? Finals are just around the corner. Don’t get too hungry during those late night cram sessions in the library. Here is a great snack that you can keep with you.


Here’s what you need:
-bag of M&Ms (whatever kind you’d like)
-small bag of pretzels
-A box of raisins, crasins or yogurt/chocolate covered raisins
-A small bag of peanuts or almonds (if you aren’t allergic)
-a small bag of chex
-some sunflower seeds
-A hand full of marshmellows

-other options: banana chips, oats, other nuts. Sweet and Salty is a great combination

The rest is simple. Just mix all of the ingredients in a bowl and separate out into bags to take it on the go.



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