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“EGGcellent” Easter Bread

Hey everyone it is almost Easter Sunday and I know we all have our own traditions for how or what we celebrate.  When I first started living with one of my roommates he introduced me to “Easter bread” that his mom makes.  His mom mails one down every year for Easter and I look forward to it each time. Unfortunately, my roommate went home for Easter so his mom didn’t mail down an Easter bread so I decided to go looking for a recipe on my own.  I found a blog called theitaliandishblog.com that had a pretty appetizing recipe for Easter bread.  Check out their Easter bread and let them know how you feel about it.


Kool-Aid not Just for Jungle Juice

Hey foodies! Looking for a cheap and easy way to dye eggs for the upcoming Easter holiday? Well, you may already have all you need in you pantry. Check out this great post from heyjenrenee.com about how to dye eggs with Kool-aid. Plus, you can still eat them and they don’t taste like fruit flavors. Surprise, surprise, Kool-aid isn’t just for Jungle juice… who knew?




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