Budgeting each bite

A Walk Down Dining Hall Lane

Congratulations Colin! Pad-Thai was the winning campus meal. The recipe will be coming soon!



HARRISONBURG, Va., April 5, 2012 — Calling all college students and nostalgic graduates. One of the most distinct memories people often have from their college years is hitting up the dining hall with friends for their favorite campus dishes. At James Madison University, a tradition is cheesy Thursday; a day when grilled cheese and tomato soup is served across campus. For others, the best memory may be dining hall pizza or delicious buffalo mash. Whatever it is, these foods have a way of invoking memories of college and bringing back the way it felt to be on campus.

Letsgetbasted would like you to share your favorite campus dish with them. Over the next two weeks the Letsgetbasted blog, focused on providing cheap food and easy recipes for college students, is accepting submissions to their college food memory contest. They are asking fans and readers to take a “walk down dining hall lane” with them, by submitting a description of their favorite dining hall food.  These meals can be present or past and can be submitted by current students from any university as well as anyone else who has a delicious recipe they would like to share.

One submission will be chosen by the Letsgetbasted team to recreate in recipe form. Letsgetbasted will then share this recipe on their blog for all readers to enjoy. Dishes must be submitted by April 16th and the winning submission will be announced on Friday, April 20th, when the recreated recipe is posted. Please submit your favorite memories of campus dishes and enjoy the walk down dining hall lane.


  • Letsgetbasted was launched February 16, 2012 in Harrisonburg, VA in response to the lack of food blogs that cater to college living.
  • Letsgetbasted originated from four college students, Ryan Cosgrove, Katie Casey, Kelsey Mohring and Sarah Hayes, who attend James Madison University.
  • The mission of Letsgetbasted is to present college students with cheap food and easy recipes through a Word Press blog.
  • Currently, the Letsgetbasted team creates a new post on a daily basis.  Whether the team is posting original content or is re-blogging something interesting, the blog is constantly being updated with new information.
  • Letsgetbasted uses Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and www.letsgetbasted.com to reach out to new followers and those interested in learning to cook quick and easy foods.
  • Since the inception of Letsgetbasted a little over 2 months ago letsgetbasted.com has received well over 1,000 views, the Twitter account has gained 29 followers and Letsgetbasted has been liked by 114 users on Facebook.
  • The goal of Letsgetbasted is to significantly increase the number of followers on the blog, Facebook and Twitter through posts that will spark interest and show college students how to prepare meals that are cheap and easy.


Letsgetbased is the perfect food blog for young adult’s looking to be creative in the kitchen without spending too much time or money. I enjoy the variety of recipe ingredients and have enjoyed the spark of creativity it has created in my cooking adventures.” – Jessica McDaniel

“I like how Letsgetbasted gives me new and tasty meal ideas for a college budget.” – Mike Smargiassi

“I love the Letsgetbasted blog! As a college student, it’s very useful to have recipe ideas that are sensitive to budget and still tasty. The chicken enchilada recipe from the blog is delicious.” – Lauren Maxwell

“The Letsgetbasted food blog gives me great ideas for quick and easy meals that are reasonable for my busy schedule.” – Caitlyn Pugsley

“Buying a lot of ingredients can be expensive, but the Letsgetbasted recipes are simple and have few ingredients making it an inexpensive and easy way to cook healthy meals.” –Mollie Brooks



Letsgetbasted.com is a WordPress blog launched by Katie Casey, Ryan Cosgrove, Sarah Hayes and Kelsey Mohring on February 16, 2012.  This blog targets college students who are interested in learning how to cook on their own without burning a hole in their wallet or time.  Their motto, “budgeting each bite” describes them perfectly.  This blog was created to fulfill the requirements of the bloggers Advanced Public Relations Writing course at James Madison University.

6 thoughts on “A Walk Down Dining Hall Lane

  1. Lizzie Palmer on said:

    Pasta Bowl from Market One at JMU is my FAVORITE meal on campus. Plus, it makes me feel like I am eating healthy. I can never find the “greek feta” dressing in grocery stores and don’t know how to make it. I want to figure out this recipe so I can eat the salad after graduating!

  2. Chris Orem on said:

    So I am a VT student who enjoys great campus food – yet I struggle trying to replicate my favorites from the dining halls. My favorite meal, the steak quesadillas from Owens, is perfect with their fresh tomato salsa with it. I know how to make a quesadilla, yet the fresh tomato salsa brings it all together. How would I go about making my own fresh salsa, spicy and delicious to put on my steak quesadilla? Thanks!

  3. Colin Smith on said:

    The Pad-Thai from Mongolian grill is one of my favorite meals on campus! I can only imagine how much better it would taste with fresh ingredients

  4. Alyssa on said:

    I second the pad thai comment! I tried making pad thai at home (from scratch and a box!) and it never tastes the same at Top Dog!

  5. Texas Straw Hat from The Ohio State Univesity. Generally known as Frito pie to others.

  6. I’d love to learn how to make the stuffed shells that Mrs. Greens always used to have!

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